Epson Textile Printing Technology transforming High Fashion and Fast Fashion

Epson textile printing on fashion apparel

The future of fashion, according to Epson, is all about customization – from the prints and colors, we choose to wear, to indeed the size and shape that best suits us. Epson is committed to the textile printing industry to showcase the increasing impact of digital technologies on innovation in the world of fashion.

Epson SureColor F Series textile printers

The fashion industry is going through an evolution in terms of how it gets product from the runway during fashion week to stores and ultimately customers’ wardrobes, quicker than ever. Focused on a strategy coined “see-now, buy-now”, Epson Textile Printers are easy-to-use digital textile printing provides unparalleled design flexibility and greater cost efficiency with very high speed. Epson F Series printers are fully integrated, production capable digital printing system developed for printing on all types of fabrics.

Epson Textile Printing

Consumers want to be able to “see” the garments now and indeed “buy” them right away. Designers inevitably want to not only capitalize on that buzz and negate the current fatigue they’re seeing shoppers otherwise have, but also increase the barriers for fast fashion brands to play copycat. This is about responding to the gap that lies between fashion shows that have become heavily consumer-facing in the digital and social media era, and the point of delivery typically some 6 months later.

Textiles are beautiful, vibrant, dynamic and now, thanks to Epson Textile Printers designers can push the boundaries of color and quality while simultaneously giving creative teams incredible versatility and productivity. It’s literally possible to take a picture on your Phone today and print it onto a textile at photo-realistic quality straight away.

Epson Textile Printing3

People want something different these days, they want something that stands out and with “see-now, buy now”, when that becomes the norm, Epson has work backward in the process and figure out how to do things faster. With the latest technology like Dual PrecisionCore® TFP® Printhead Technology, Precision Dot Technology, Variable Droplet Technology, & UltraChrome DS Technology Epson Printers are able to produce vibrant colors, sharp contours, and smooth gradations, with excellent light/wash fastness, and abrasion/perspiration resistance at high speed.

DCC offers Dye-sublimation printers of Epson’s that are designed for high fashion, fast fashion and performance apparel printing featuring a robust print mechanism, high-performance print head technology and advanced ink technology.

Looking for a Sublimation Printer?

You must know which one is best fitted for your requirement.

When choosing a printer, you’re making a decision that could greatly impact your future business. Whether you rely on unwavering productivity for high-volume sports apparel printing or achieving stand-out quality on the most intricate details for fashion and home décor. Choosing the correct sublimation printer requires first determining what you want to produce.

sublimation printerAre you printing large designs on apparel? Smaller items, such as coasters, cell phone covers, flip flops, bag tags and plaques? Full-color graphics? High-definition photography? The answers to these questions will have a significant impact on your choice. Other key factors to consider when choosing a sublimation printer are printing-field size, number of ink colors and printing speed and cost.


Dye-sublimation printing yields beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded in the substrate or fabric, rather than printed on the surface. Images on fabric won’t fade or crack even after multiple washings. Images on hard substrates will not chip, peel or scratch.

EPSON F-Series Dye-sublimation printers are next-generation Sublimation Printer for fast production and high-performance printing. These are designed from the ground up for high fashion, fast fashion and performance apparel printing featuring a robust print mechanism, high – performance print head technology and advanced ink technology.

One Printer with many Printing Technology makes it true Roll To Roll Sublimation Printer in the Industry:

Dual PrecisionCore® TFP® Printhead Technology: Enable fastest high-resolution printing with print & color accuracy

  • Precision Dot Technology: Ensures smooth gradation enhancement and exceptional print quality
  • Variable Droplet Technology: Ensures fast printing and detail printing, at the same time
  • UltraChrome DS Technology: Produces an extreme color gamut, improved black density for rich blacks, better tonal transitions, grayscale & fast drying times with excellent light or wash fastness
  • LUT Technology: For Smoother Gradation, Grain Reduction and Colour Consistency

Printing is only the first step of the process in dye-sublimation. For sublimation to take place, you need heat and pressure.


Heat Press Machine is next important element in the sublimation process. Heat presses are available in various sizes and for various applications. Despite these variations, they all function the same way, they simultaneously heat the ink on the transfer paper and the polyester fibers within the substrate, enabling the transfer of ink-to-media. After about a minute, the heat is removed and the transfer paper is peeled off, leaving behind a permanent full-color graphic on the substrate.

Monti Antonio from Italy is the renowned brand in sublimation, having patented technology with the widest range of heat press. Offers the complete range of heat presses for sublimation printing, including flatbed presses, rotary drum heat presses, and special application heat presses. These machines are used for textiles, furnishing, fashionable apparel, sportswear, promotional apparel, panels, metal, films & many more.

  • Vacuum-Sealed Oil Drums with 90% surface usage
  • Vacuum presses guaranteeing optimum penetration of inks on materials
  • Double Platen Option for dual side printing
  • Additional applications : “crush” effect; Gold/metallic lamination

Sublimation Ink

High-quality sublimation printing demands accurate color reproduction and precision & fine detail printing. Additionally, high-density sublimation ink dramatically improves the print quality on polyester. EPSON & JTeck are the only company into innovative sublimation ink.
Epson introduced UltraChrome DS ink, a specially-formulated dye-sublimation ink, producing outstanding images with vibrant colors, intense blacks, sharp contours, and smooth gradations. This all-new ink technology exhibits excellent light- and wash-fastness, as well as resistance to alkaline and acid perspiration.

J-Teck introduces the newest generation of inks made with cluster technology, which is trending for sports and outerwear, jeckas well as for a variety of plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of skis, snowboards, skateboards, windsurfs, and other products.

Transfer Paper (Sublimation Paper)

To create high-quality sublimation prints, you need a transfer paper that has high ink absorption and dries quickly. It is also important that the paper should releases jetcolmaximum ink when heating. The Jetcol Sublimation Paper does all that, therefore, the perfect paper for your sublimation prints with an extremely high transfer yield – up to 97%. Combination of EPSON sublimation printer & Jetcol sublimation paper resulting industry’s best output of 720×1440 dpi printing on apparels.

Computer and RIP Software

wasatchYou also need a computer and a RIP software to design and process your digital graphics for printing and to manage your overall print production.

Wasatch SoftRIP has widely used software developed for making design & print job easy. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful printing controls, SoftRIP saves you time and money while producing the excellent quality print.

What Are the Partnership Opportunities?

You’re making an incredible investment in this printer, with the hopes of it providing a great return for your business. But what if it needs servicing? What will you do if you can’t understand how it operates? You’re going to need a reliable partner to turn to for support, ongoing training, and warranty options.

With more than 40 years of experience in the printing industry, DCC has one of the most experienced teams of engineers and technicians to attend to your technical queries.

The quality of the team you work with will be just as big of a factor in your success as the actual printer itself. The DCC team would love to help you start and finish your search for the right large format printer. Contact us for recommendations, advice or even just to get low-down on the best brands for your business.

Whether you’re starting a new business or want to diversify and grow your existing business, DCC is passionate about helping you get up and running quickly, and growing your business for years to come.

Digital Textile Printing is Transforming Fashion

Digital textile printing is considered to be one of the booming innovations of 21st-century fashion. Designers now rely on digital technology (photoshop, illustrator, digital photography) and digital printing is THE tool that works best with that.

textile printing fashion

Digital textile printing creates a niche market for businessmen in search of a new market. Consumers today are rather demanding with choices relating to design, color combinations, and style. Digital textile printers allow large format printing, making the roll to roll printing a piece of cake. Infinite printing possibilities match the pace of the ever-evolving trends.

Color application is done through latest printers and software applications where graphics results will be as fine and as detailed as a photograph. What you see on the monitor, you get on fabric. The accuracy of color and print is on point. Concepts of reflection, blurring, layering, superimposing, glitter and shadow are also possible through digital textile printing.

The next best thing of digital textile printing is its economic and flexible set-up that enables quick ROI. Digital textile printers use less floor space compared to conventional printers. With less space, they also consume less power and water; making the process environment-friendly. Moreover, it uses significantly less ink and minimizes wastage, offering faster production and cost-effective print runs. Considering the other forms of chemical waste from conventional printing, digital textile printing offers a much more environment-friendly process.

Digital printing has influenced the style and process of textile printing, realigning conventional textile printing processes with innovation and technological advancement.

installation photography of Digital Print Fashion

Digital printing technology enables designers to get their ideas out and on to the fabric. Unlike conventional textile printing, digital printing enables quick color and design changes right before printing, becoming everybody’s first choice.

There is the number of digital fabric printing ink technologies where each works on specific fabric type. The below diagram demonstrates the combination of 4 basic ink technologies and the fabrics they are compatible with:

  • wasatch
  • jeck
  • epson
  • jetcol

DCC offers complete solutions to printing, right from large format printers to inks and consumables. DCC offers direct to fabric printing machines from DGI and inks from Black Horse. Also available are the software Wasatch RIP and Inedit under DTF printing.

With its complete set of products, DCC has got the following applications covered under DTF :

  • home decor
  • textile
  • technicaltextile
  • softsignage
  • promotional gift