Digital Textile Printing is Transforming Fashion

Digital textile printing is considered to be one of the booming innovations of 21st-century fashion. Designers now rely on digital technology (photoshop, illustrator, digital photography) and digital printing is THE tool that works best with that.

textile printing fashion

Digital textile printing creates a niche market for businessmen in search of a new market. Consumers today are rather demanding with choices relating to design, color combinations, and style. Digital textile printers allow large format printing, making the roll to roll printing a piece of cake. Infinite printing possibilities match the pace of the ever-evolving trends.

Color application is done through latest printers and software applications where graphics results will be as fine and as detailed as a photograph. What you see on the monitor, you get on fabric. The accuracy of color and print is on point. Concepts of reflection, blurring, layering, superimposing, glitter and shadow are also possible through digital textile printing.

The next best thing of digital textile printing is its economic and flexible set-up that enables quick ROI. Digital textile printers use less floor space compared to conventional printers. With less space, they also consume less power and water; making the process environment-friendly. Moreover, it uses significantly less ink and minimizes wastage, offering faster production and cost-effective print runs. Considering the other forms of chemical waste from conventional printing, digital textile printing offers a much more environment-friendly process.

Digital printing has influenced the style and process of textile printing, realigning conventional textile printing processes with innovation and technological advancement.

installation photography of Digital Print Fashion

Digital printing technology enables designers to get their ideas out and on to the fabric. Unlike conventional textile printing, digital printing enables quick color and design changes right before printing, becoming everybody’s first choice.

There is the number of digital fabric printing ink technologies where each works on specific fabric type. The below diagram demonstrates the combination of 4 basic ink technologies and the fabrics they are compatible with:

  • wasatch
  • jeck
  • epson
  • jetcol

DCC offers complete solutions to printing, right from large format printers to inks and consumables. DCC offers direct to fabric printing machines from DGI and inks from Black Horse. Also available are the software Wasatch RIP and Inedit under DTF printing.

With its complete set of products, DCC has got the following applications covered under DTF :

  • home decor
  • textile
  • technicaltextile
  • softsignage
  • promotional gift


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