Epson Textile Printing Technology transforming High Fashion and Fast Fashion

Epson textile printing on fashion apparel

The future of fashion, according to Epson, is all about customization – from the prints and colors, we choose to wear, to indeed the size and shape that best suits us. Epson is committed to the textile printing industry to showcase the increasing impact of digital technologies on innovation in the world of fashion.

Epson SureColor F Series textile printers

The fashion industry is going through an evolution in terms of how it gets product from the runway during fashion week to stores and ultimately customers’ wardrobes, quicker than ever. Focused on a strategy coined “see-now, buy-now”, Epson Textile Printers are easy-to-use digital textile printing provides unparalleled design flexibility and greater cost efficiency with very high speed. Epson F Series printers are fully integrated, production capable digital printing system developed for printing on all types of fabrics.

Epson Textile Printing

Consumers want to be able to “see” the garments now and indeed “buy” them right away. Designers inevitably want to not only capitalize on that buzz and negate the current fatigue they’re seeing shoppers otherwise have, but also increase the barriers for fast fashion brands to play copycat. This is about responding to the gap that lies between fashion shows that have become heavily consumer-facing in the digital and social media era, and the point of delivery typically some 6 months later.

Textiles are beautiful, vibrant, dynamic and now, thanks to Epson Textile Printers designers can push the boundaries of color and quality while simultaneously giving creative teams incredible versatility and productivity. It’s literally possible to take a picture on your Phone today and print it onto a textile at photo-realistic quality straight away.

Epson Textile Printing3

People want something different these days, they want something that stands out and with “see-now, buy now”, when that becomes the norm, Epson has work backward in the process and figure out how to do things faster. With the latest technology like Dual PrecisionCore® TFP® Printhead Technology, Precision Dot Technology, Variable Droplet Technology, & UltraChrome DS Technology Epson Printers are able to produce vibrant colors, sharp contours, and smooth gradations, with excellent light/wash fastness, and abrasion/perspiration resistance at high speed.

DCC offers Dye-sublimation printers of Epson’s that are designed for high fashion, fast fashion and performance apparel printing featuring a robust print mechanism, high-performance print head technology and advanced ink technology.

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