Sunday, 12 December , 2014

DCC names new Educational Director; aims to support printing industry through its upcoming Training Institute

Garment sector needs workers efficiency, value added products

Printing in either of the three avatars – Screen, Sublimation and Digital – on a garment enhances the value and thereby fetches the right price, yet the lack of skills in using product technology is what’s restricting companies to expand printing projects. With an aim to bridge the gap and make a difference in all three technologies of printing segment, Dhaval Colour Chem (DCC), a pioneer in providing integrated printing solutions, has appointed David Permenter as its new Educational Director.

David, who has around 30 years of experience in textile printing, garment manufacturing and corporate training, will operate as the Chief Architect and Director of DCC’s upcoming Training Institute in Tirupur (India). The institute will be a stand-alone, fully equipped, full-time training facility, aiming at developing proficient and skilled production team to ensure a profitable printing business, the company release mentions.

Enthused with David’s appointment, Narendra Dadia, Founder & Chairman – DCC averred, “We have long been committed to training, both in our showroom training facility as well as in the field at customer facility. David brings us the ability to formalize these exercises into a full time, cohesive effort with the funding and focus required to make the institute an unbeaten one,” adding, “Our objective is simple… Empower customers to use the product technology to the fullest and boost their business. The institute will do precisely that.”

David has previously been involved in design and development of textile print factories in countries like US, Haiti, Hungary and Romania. He has also worked as consultant for dozens of others units across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Apart from this, David has operated a large scale cut & sew facility and served as the Corporate Training Manager for a large US vertical mill situated in Hungary and Romania.

DCC thrives to educate their team in all the aspects of textile printing, principles of manufacturing and lean leadership, for improved efficiency, higher productivity, better quality and lower running cost per unit. Not only the institute will be accessible to the company’s existing teams, the core objective behind setting up the institute is to shape the foundation of the new printing aspirants in the industry.

“A business needs to have the right manpower to be able to optimize the capabilities of its technology. We see the significance of investing in this field and thrive to bring the paradigm shift. Printing is the most profitable business with fastest ROI in the entire textile chain while it also adds the ultimate value to the product,” concludes Dhaval Dadia, Director, DCC.

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