Sunday, 12 December , 2014

Epson partners with Dhaval Colour Chem to create experience zone for Dye-Sublimation Printing Solutions

Epson partners with Dhaval Colour Chem to create experience zone

Dhaval Colour Chem, one of India’s largest Textile Printing Solutions company today inaugurated its first specialized dye sublimation printing experience zone in Mumbai. Spread over 10,000 sq feet, the state of the art experience zone houses the latest dye sublimation printers from Epson, the world leader in digital imaging. While targeting the textile and garment industry the experience zone also aims to provide creative solutions for architects, interior designers, photographers and gift manufacturers. Designed like a high end studio, the facility gives an opportunity to the industry to experience the future of the printing world, expand their business lines and cater to the growing global demand for top quality solutions.

The Indian garment and textile industry is large and growing. Big brands, buying offices and retailers from across the world have been using India for outsourcing garments and other finished textile products at prices lower than those prevailing in western countries. The industry for conventional garment and textile printing is well established. A new and growing phenomenon in this space is digital printing. The penetration of digital printing is currently less than 1% of the total production but this is set to change rapidly. Conventional fabric printing is done through weaving, dyeing and screen printing. For the longest time there has been no option for short run fabric printing. Epson the world leader in digital imaging has recently launched dye sublimation printers that make short run printing on fabrics a reality. Ideal for complicated print jobs on fabric and short runs or jobs that are urgent, these printers are changing the specialized textile printing market. Garment exporters, fashion designers, sporting garment manufacturers, interior decorators and even soft signage manufacturers are seeing the benefits of using these printers.

Apart from the textile industry these dye sublimation printers can also be used to print on a variety of different substrates like glass, wood, ceramic and metal & fabric. This makes them useful for applications like specialty photo printing, customized kitchen cabinets, personalized home furnishings, unique gift articles and more. Photographers, interior designers, architects and gift manufacturers now have many more options to explore their creativity and expand their offering to customers.

Comprising of life size prototypes, with amazing graphics printed on fabric and metal sheets the experience zone creates quite an impact for anyone visiting it. The Oriental theme Café, Stylized Retail Space, A Royal Wedding Zone and a Fantasy Kid’s room are some of the attractions within the DCC’s experience zone. The true essence of this revolutionary concept is its ability to let people see, touch and feels the magical and imaginative usage of printing technology. It is also meant to educate prospective customers about the various possible applications of dye-sublimation printers and provide a hands-on experience to sample and experiment with their designs and ideas. In this experience center, prospective customer can find the entire work flow of dye-sublimation powered by Epson SureColor F 6070 / 7170 printers, Coldenhov Transfer paper and Monti Antonio transfer machines. Used in conjunction these products help create fantastic new applications which can cater to the various market segments. Prospective customers are encouraged to bring their own files to experiment, innovate and take actual samples as also to make product mock-ups and do short run jobs.

Speaking on the occasion Dhaval Dadia, ED of Dhaval Colour Chem said, “Our vision is to lead the future of printing solutions and delight customers in every aspect with the finest technology, services and exceptional customer support. We want our clients to come and discover the business possibilities in different industries like hospitality, home décor, retail, and sports-wear. That’s how the concept of the Experience Zone was born. The printing solutions from Epson provide quality, convenience and scope to expand creativity and business like never before to a wide variety of customers. We are extremely excited to be able to drive this new printing technology in India.” Epson India President & CEO, Mr. Toshiyuki Kasai who was present added “ This experience zone is amazing and will over time, I hope, become the go-to place for anyone with specialized creative printing needs both on fabric as well as on other long lasting substrates.“

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