Friday, 1 November, 2013

Dhaval Colour Chem hosts Open House unveiling the new Kornit Avalanche 1000 high speed industrial DTG printer

The Kornit Avalanche 1000 high speed direct-to-garment printer on display at the Kornit DCC Open House in Tirupur

One of the largest and reputed providers of printing products and solutions in India, Dhaval Colour Chem hosted an Open House at its Display & Orientation Centre located at Tirupur, India to introduce the Kornit Avalanche 1000 High Speed Industrial DTG machine to the industry. The event brought together industry practitioners, prospective and existing customers from the garment and textile industry together to experience the most advanced digital printing solutions from Kornit Digital which is a leader in direct-to-garment and digital roll-to-roll textile printing solutions. “The idea behind the show was to promote high-quality digital printing at the industrial level without any limitations and the event was a great success with representatives from over 100 companies attending,” said Dhaval Dadia, Director, Dhaval Colour Chem (DCC).

Designed for the mass production of garments while ensuring the highest speed and quality, the Kornit Avalanche 1000 has dual pallet industrial production capability, and is a very robust platform designed for heavy duty use. The print-head array, equipped with 24 Spectra Polaris heads, generates very high speeds and excellent print quality. An integrated humidifying system makes the machine resistant to the daily variations in room climate. It features a print area of up to 90 cm x 60 cm.

An automatic height adjustment mechanism allows printing over buttons, zippers and other protruding objects. It prints up to 300 light and 170 dark garments per hour. With all those new features, the Avalanche 1000 is perfectly suited to be used all day, every day and for all volumes. “The machine has been designed from the ground up to meet our most demanding customers’ needs for a robust, mass-production, 24/7 operational solution. Based on customers’ requirements and utilising Kornit’s 10 years of field experience, the Avalanche 1000 will provide printers with the lowest operational cost and superlative quality,” added Sandeep Mehta, Sales & Marketing Manager – India, Kornit Digital.

Another member from the Kornit family, which was also featured at the event – the Kornit paradigm is a value-added solution for screen printing carousels, designed to enable screen printers to combine printing techniques and create multiple innovative printing applications using traditional screen printing methods together with Kornit`s digital direct on garment printing, all-in-one built-in printing module.

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