Inedit Software

Inedit SoftRip TXProfessional RIP and Print management software that can be used with the main printers in the market. Thanks to its user-friendly interfaces you will be able to manage any demand. Work with fluorine ink, white ink or simply manage your printer inks to your taste with the Binomial between neoStampa7 and neoTextil of Inedit Software. Complete control with all the possibilities at your grasp.

  • The unique color management engine of neoStampa connects different inks, combinations, media and printers into the same profile pool.
  • neoStampa manages process color and spot ink combinations with up to 16 colors, including essential textile inks such as Golden Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Gray, etc..
  • The color accuracy of neoStampa is unmatched due to the premodeled RGB-to-Multicolor architecture.
  • The intuitive and flexible cost control interface shows the actual ink and media consumption of the printed jobs in the complete printing mill.
  • The state-of-the-art ICC profiling engine uses best gamut mapping technology to assure that even small printer color spaces reproduce large (synthetic) photographic sources. ColorBoost technology to improve saturation and brilliance while preserving color accuracy and gradients!
  • Print a fabric roll without gaps. The seamless step&repeating function of neoStampa facilitates the handing of classical textile designs that are prepared for all over, endless repeating printing.
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