M&R, Sprint 3000T

Gas conveyor dryer for textile screen printing

Sprint 3000T is the most innovative gas conveyor dryer in the screen printing industry. It features three independent conveyor belts on three levels that deliver maximum drying capacity in a minimal footprint. In fact, Sprint 3000T manages to squeeze over 914 cm (30') of belt travel in the space required for a 366 cm (12') heat chamber. The infeed carries substrates to the top level and smoothly transfers them to the middle belt. The middle belt carries those substrates back through the chamber in the opposite direction before making another smooth transfer to the bottom belt. The bottom belt carries them through the heat chamber a third time before delivering them to the outfeed.

  • Three-tier design fits 914 cm (30’) of belt travel in the footprint of a 366 cm (12’) heat chamber
  • Enables high production speeds on water-based and other evaporative inks
  • AccuSet™ makes it easy to duplicate settings and eliminates the need to convert feet per minute into the time substrates will spend in the heat chamber
Belt Width 72 inc
Burner Input Maximum 390 000 BTU
Burner Width 117.5 inc
Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 3 ph, 39/38 A, 50/60 Hz, 9.3 kw
380/415 V, 3 ph, 22/21 A, 50 Hz, 9.3 kw
Exhaust Blower Size 12 inc
Exhaust System Capacity @ 6 mm (1/4”) Static Pressure 62298 l/min (2200 cfm)
Gas Input Size 1 inc
Heat Chamber Length 144 inc
Heat Chamber Width 95 inc
LP/Natural Gas Input Pressure 5 inc w.c.
Shipping Weight 3855 kg
Standard Infeed/Outfeed Length 9 inc
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