Newman - Roller Masters

high tension textile roller master


"Using the Roller Master, you can tension any size Newman Roller Frame in seconds. We love how easy the Roller Master is to learn and operate, and that it produces a flat screen every time.

We're saving substantial time and energy in stretching frames and we have the ability to stretch fabric in all four directions at once. We also get consistent tension from screen to screen by easily pre-determining the air setting."


  • Ensures a flat screen every time
  • Produces 3 times as many screens per hour (or more)
  • Enables rapid mesh stabilization
  • Provides more uniform screen tension
  • Requires less physical effort
  • Simple learning curve
  • 4-way simultaneous stretching
  • Flat and level table surface
  • Rapid mesh tensioning and stabilization
  • Produces 3 times as many screens per hour (or more)
  • More uniform screen tension
  • Less physical effort
  • Less skill needed & simple learning curve
  • Rapid mesh retensioning
  • Expandable for different frame sizes (PB models only)
LX™ MZX™ 18" x 20" ID w/sq bar and MZX™ 23" x 26" OD w/sq bar 31"W x 34"L x 36"H
L2™ *MZX™ 23" x 31" OD or M3™ 23" x 31" OD up to M™3 25" x 33" OD 33"W x 41"L x 36"H
L3™ M3™ 23" x 31" OD up to M3™ 26" x 36" OD 34"W x 44"L x 36"H
L4™ *Stretches all frames listed for Models LX™, L2™ and L3™ 34"W x 44"L x 36"H
L5™ *Custom Table up to 64 inches OD TBD
PB-1™ M3IA™ & M3I3A™ Box Beam frames up to 8' x 11' OD TBD
PB-2™ M6I2A™ Box Beam frames up to 10' x 18' OD TBD
PB-3™ M6I3A™ Box Beam frames up to 13' x 28' OD TBD

* May require additional set of table wrenches or adaptors.

Approximately 100 psi of air hook-up required.

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