Newman - Tension Meter

high duty shock-proof screen tension meter

Before you buy a screen tension meter, we think you should know what makes the Newman ST1E Meter special.

The Newman ST1E Meter is the only meter in the world with all stainless steel hardened gears, shock-proof industrial grade internal gear movement and all jewel sapphire bearings, giving you a screen tension meter of exceptional quality that will last longer and produce consistent readings every time. (All other mechanical meters have non-compound softer brass gears and bushing, greatly reducing their shock-resistance, long-term accuracy and life.) The crystal is shatterproof and curved to avoid glare and the heavy-duty protective aluminum housing makes for the most durable meter made anywhere

Each Newman ST Tension Meter has been calibrated with weights and instruments that are traceable to the United States Department of Commerce and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The only bi-directional screen tension meter manufactured in the United States.

  • ST-Meter 1E
  • ST-Meter 2E
Newman ST-Meter Comparison Model ST1E Model ST2E
Eight sapphire jewel bearings Yes No
Six compound hardened stainless steel gears Yes No(3 brass)
Shock-proof unitized internal gear movement Yes Yes
Direct Reading in NEWTONS/cm +-1% accuracy Yes No(+-2%)
Available in kilograms/meter Yes Yes
Shatterproof crystal Yes Yes
Heavy-duty protective aluminum housing Yes Yes

NOTE: For mesh brands other than Newman Roller Mesh®, please consult the mesh manufacturer for recommended mesh tension levels.

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