M&R - Helios

large formate screen exposure system

With the ability of Job Recall™ to repeatedly perform entire screen exposure sequences at the touch of a single button—and screen frame sizes up to 239 x 457 cm (94” x 180”)—Helios is the ultimate large-format screen exposure system. Powerful instant-start 6 kW multi-spectrum metal-halide screen exposure lamps (dual screen exposure lamps on larger models) speed production while retaining fine lines and dots. Light-Loc™ automatically shuts off screen exposure lamps if the door is opened, and the unit’s self-contained design allows Helios to be located in light-safe screen-coating rooms.

  • Maximum screen frame sizes range from 152 x 183 cm (60" x 72") to 239 x 457 cm (94” x 180”)
  • Computer-controlled blanket frame opens and closes automatically
  • Automated single-button operation performs numerous screen exposure sequences
Air @ 6,9 bar (100 psi) 283 l/min (10 cfm)
Electrical Requirements 208/230 V, 1 ph, 27/21 A,50 Hz, 6.2 kW
Lamps 6 kW Instant Start x 1
Maximum Screen Frame Size 60 x 72 inc
Overall Size (H x W x D) 76 x 100 x 91 inc
Shipping Weight 880 kg
Vacuum Frame Size 69 x 81.1 inc
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