M&R - Uni Kote

automatic screen coating machine

Uni-Kote provides a reliable, low-cost option for automating screen coating. The computerized control center, conveniently mounted at the side of the screen coating machine, makes programming simple. Uni-Kote’s front and rear screen coaters can apply emulsion in tandem or independently, allowing operators to coat each side of the screen separately, both sides simultaneously, or just one side. M&R’s Job Recall™ allows users to save up to five screen coating jobs for added convenience and quick changeover.

  • Front and rear screen coaters can operate in tandem or independently
  • Heavy-duty frame provides excellent stability during automatic screen coating
  • Maximum screen frame size of 79 x 109 x 4.5 cm (31” x 43” x 1.75”) or 147 x 132 x 4.5 cm (58” x 52” x 1.75”)
Air @ 6,9 bar (100 psi) 28 l/min (1 cfm )
Electrical Requirements 110 V, 1 ph, 10 A, 60 Hz, 1.15 kW
208/230 V, 1 ph, 5 A, 50/60 Hz, 1.15 kW
Maximum Screen Frame Size 31 X 43 x 1.75 inc
Minimum Screen Frame Size 20 x 24 x 1.25 inc
Overall Size (W x D x H) 53 x 31 x 71.2 inc
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