Monti Mod 858

Transfer printing calendar for piece & role fabrics

  • Monti Mod 858

    cylinder width
    roll86.61 inch

Special calendar for pieces or continuous fabrics, used for transfer printing, direct inks reactivation, thermosetting – heatsetting.

Versatile and polyvalent calendar, developed for transfer printing of all the follows work conditions, according to required options:

  • Printing paper in roll and material to be printed in roll
  • Printing paper in roll and material to be printed in pieces
  • Printing paper in sheets and material to be printed in pieces

Exit roller system for printed fabric, accurate winding, easy loading/unloading.

  • Monti 858 for roll to roll & printing pieces
  • 800mm diameter heated cylinder + nomex felt
  • Front loading table for working with piece textile/paper
  • Monti TOUCH screen system with automatic functions (auto heat/cool)
  • Gummed roller & rack system for fabric in exit - easy & fast changeover for printed fabric.


  • Ø MM 800
Cylinder Diameter 31.49 inc
Cylinder Width 86.61 inc
Working Width 70.87 inc / 78.74 inc
Short front working table 59 inc
Installed power 39.5 Km/H
Compressed air pressure 6-8 Bar
Mechanic speed 1-15 mt/Min
Overall dimensions (with front table) W142”, L176” & H91”
Net weight (without front table) 5950 kg
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