Monti Mod 200

Double Hydraulic press for transfer printing



  • picetopice(71.00 x 51.00) inch x2
  • picetopice(78.74 x 59.06) inch x2
  • picetopice (88.58 x 62.99) inch x2
  • picetopice(102.36 x 62.99) inch x2
  • picetopice(122.05 x 62.99) inch x2
  • picetopice(141.73 x 62.99) inch x2
  • picetopice(159.45 x 62.99) inch x2
  • picetopice(204.72 x 86.61) inch x2

The Mod. 200 MAXIPRINTER is a large heat press for flat sublimation thermoprinting. The extremely interesting technical innovations of the NEW version have been combined with all the advantages and reliability of the old, which, for years, have ensured the worldwide success of this model. The multifunctions offered by this printer make it ideal for application in the textile industry (in particular for printing sports-wear, pullovers, carpets, hosiery and accessories), as well as for printing tiles, glass and metal articles (doors, profiles, blackboards, trays, etc.). As the machine incorporates a double work surface (on which the material to be printed and the printing paper itself is placed), and as an electrically heated upper plate moves alternately from one work surface to another, production down-time is avoided.

  • Perfect distribution of the temperature is guaranteed by 3 electronic thermostats and by a 20 mm. thick ANTICORODAL aluminium printing plate. This also ensures absolute uniformity of the colour and exceptional penetration of the inks.
  • The innovative upper plate movement is controlled by an inverter motor which ensures that the machine is faster (for increased production), is more accurate and requires less assistance.
  • A unique DOUBLE HYDRAULIC pump pressure system (compressed oil, from 0 to 100 ate/bar) allows extremely delicate opening and closing of the printing surface in order to prevent mis-positioning of the material being printed and any subsequent printing problems.
  • A weekly automatic on-off programmer prevents costly manual input at the start and end of work.
  • The extremely robust frame and perfect distribution of the electrical resistances guarantees the high printing quality and exceptional durability of the machine.
  • The dimensions of the working surface allow the user to print large items in one operation, several articles simultaneously, or all the pieces which make up an article at once (such as front, back, sleeves, pockets, the small collars of sportswear; in the case of knitwear, the whole pullover can be printed in one operation by means of a “cross” system).
  • A unique rapid cleaning system of the upper heated plate.
Printing surface dimensions 88.5 x 62.9 inc
Special printing surface dimensions 102.3 x 62.9 - 141.7 x 62.9 inc
122 x 62.9 - 159.4 x 62.9 inc
70.8 x 51.1 - 78.7 x 59 inc
Dimensions A 185 - B 86.6 - C 49.2 inc
Installed electric power 26 Kw
Average consumption 16.5 Kw
Upper plate temperature 230 Max°C
Working area height 33.4 inc
Net weight 3100 Kg
Weight of seaworthy package 4000 Kg
Dimensions of seaworthy package 4930 x 2290 x 1700 mm
  • Lycra
  • Lycra
  •  Sports Jercey
  • Sports Jercey
  • pullovers
  • pullovers
  • hosiery
  • hosiery
  • socks
  • socks
  • carpets
  • carpets
  • floor mats
  • floor mats
  • Flags
  • Flags
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