Monti Mod 70&73

Transfer printing calendar for ribbons & continuous narrow fabric


    cylinder width
    roll 29.5 inch

The Transfer Printing calendar series mod. 70/73 has been designed for the continuous sublimed thermoprinting and the thermo fixing of ribbons, labels and thin fabrics with a maximum working area of 750mm. Thanks to the 500 mm diameter heated drum, this calendar can print at very high speeds. Particularly suitable for printing ribbons, straps and other applications closer than 750 mm.

This expanded range has been designed for continuous printing on fabrics (curtains, upholstery fabrics) and non-woven materials, as well as for limited print runs of promotional materials, narrow fabrics and ribbons. All these machines can be used to further shrink the tissue and create a "crumpled" effect, as well as to secure direct printing on fabric.

  • The temperature of the cylinder can be regulated from room temperature up to 230°C.
  • The cylinder is heated by a central resistor in a vacuum sealed oil bath, in complete absence of air and pressure (closed circuit system patented by Monti Antonio Spa).
  • No need for replacement or maintenance of the heating oil.
  • The felt tension, as well as felt centering, is regulated by a pneumatic system which automatically relaxes the felt when finished working -thus increasing the life of the felt.
  • Important: the printed paper winding is performed by two clutch rollers which permits winding of from 6 to 12 papers simultaneously.
  • Motorizations controlled by inverter.
  • Special motorizations for constant paper tension for the winding of protection paper in exit.
  • Built-in security system in case of black-out.
  • NOMEX felt.


  • Ø MM 500 (MOD. 70)
  • Ø MM 1000 (MOD. 73)
Cylinders width 29.5 inc
Maximum width of work 25.5 inc
Maximum speed roller 15 m/min
Total power installed 16 Kw
Max consumption 16 Kw
Medium consumption 10.5 Kw/h
Power supply 230 Volt 3Ph 50/60 Hz
400 Volt 3Ph 50/60 Hz
Maximum electrical input In 230 Volt = 40.2 A’
In 400 Volt = 23 A’
Electric cable feed section 220 Volt = 10 mm²
380 Volt = 6 mm²
Electric power motor printing cylinder 1.1 Kw
Electric power motor winding used printing paper 0.37 Kw
Electric power motor winding used paper support 0.37 Kw
Resistances power for heating printing cylinder resistances 12+10%=13.2 Kw
Power transformer 0.5 Kw
Pneumatic pressure supply Min.5 Max.8 Bar
Medium air consumption(20°) 5 lt/min.during starting only
Weight 1255 Kg
  •  ribbons
  • ribbons
  •  curtains
  • curtains
  • furnishing fabrics
  • furnishing fabrics
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