Monti Mod 75CFE

Mod.75-CFE series machinery

  • Monti Mod 75CFE

    calendar WIDTH
    roll 51.18 inch

Mod.75-CFE series machinery was designed for the continuous sublimatic thermoprinting of opened fabrics and reactivation of direct-to-textile inks with maximum working dimensions mm 1600 ( 63" ).
Innovative and versatile printing calendar (movable on wheels) suitable for both the transfer of dye sublimation inks from paper to materials to be printed, and for the reactivation of inks directly printed on textile by means of plotters.


Cylinder width mm. 1800 (71")
Working width(mm) 1600 (63")
Mechanical speed 0.1 - 1.7 mt./min
Installed electric power 10 Kw
Average consumption 6.5 Kw/h
Maximum Current Absorption (Amp) In 400 V = 4 mm2 and 230V = 10 mm2
Printing roller electric motor power (Kw) 0.37
Printing roller heating element power (Kw) 9
Transformer 0,2 + 0,1
Fedding compressed air pressure(Bar) Min3 - Max8
Compressed Air Consumption(20* C) 5Lt/min
Net weight of Machine Body(2kg) 860
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