Monti Mod 902

Roll To Roll Calendar For Sublimation Printing

Monti Mod 902

cylinder width

  • roll 78.84 inch
  • roll 102.36 inch
  • roll 118 inch
  • roll 141.7 inch
  • roll 173.23 inch
  • roll 204.72 inch

This is the transfer printing calendar for LARGE QUANTITY PRODUCTION. We have succeeded in condensing in a machine of compact dimensions a printing cylinder with a diameter of 1000 mm., the surface of which is almost completely exploited. This permits a production of nearly double that of a calendar of traditional dimensions (500 mm.),significantly lowering all transfer printing costs.

As with all other calendars we produce, the Mod. 902 may be fitted with cylinder widths of 2000 - 2600 - 3000 – 3600 - 4400 - 5200 mm. and it was designed so as to make the introduction and roll-up of both paper and fabric easier for the operator.

  • The tension of the printing paper is regulated by a powerful diskbrake, extremely precise and easy to use.
  • According to the various types of fabric to be printed, the temperature may be regulated from 50°C to 230°C by means of an electronic thermostat with a maximum margin of error of ±1°C.
  • The pressure between the paper and the fabric is obtained by means of a special felt in NOMEX. The tension may be regulated by a pneumatic system.
  • The oil inside the cylinder is heated by 3 centralised electric resistances, in a vacuum, with a system which is patented by Monti Antonio. This ingenious system permits considerable reductions in electric consumption (up to 50% with respect to traditional machines) and a PERFECT temperature distribution on the entire surface area of the cylinder.
  • The absence of air inside the cylinder lets the diathermic characteristics of the oil remain unaltered. For this reason oil in the cylinder never needs to be changed or added.
  • All movements are made by independent synchronised motors, thus avoiding chains and variable pulley systems.
  • At the exit of the cylinder both the exhausted printing paper and the printed fabric are rolled up perfectly with cardboard tubes of various dimensions.
  • The system for the lowering of the temperature in exit keeps the characteristics of the fabric unaltered while avoiding the blurring of designs during roll-up.
  • The felt tension automatically relaxes after work is finished, thus increasing the life of this part.
  • Special motors for automatic/constant tension eliminate the need for the operator’s continuous regulation of the paper in exit (exhausted printing paper and protection paper).
  • Touch screen controls including multifunctional meter counter with alarm to signal preset yields.
  • Automatic felt-centering systems.
  • Incorporated safety system in case of blackout.
  • Current production model includes weekly programmer for switching On/Off at preset working hours.


cylinder width inc 78.84 102.36 118 141.7 173.23 204.72
Cylinder diameter inc 39.37 39.37 39.37 39.37 39.37 39.37
Installed electric power kw 68 96.5 110.5 130 7000 7000
Average consumption kw 44 62.5 72 85 142 165
Compressed air bar 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8 6-8
Mechanical speed m/min 1-20 1-20 1-20 1-20 1-20 1-20
Net weight kg 600 7000 7500 9850 3000 6000
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