Monti Mod 950

Roll To Roll Calendar For Sublimation Printing

  • Monti Mod 950

    cylinder width
    roll 78.7 inch

Model 950 is a calendar for transfer printing and direct ink reactivation. The cylinder is heated by three resistors (heating elements) in a vacuum sealed oil bath, in complete absence of air and pressure and the temperature of the cylinder is set by a touch screen.

Characteristics of printing cylinder:

  • Diameter : 59.05 inch
  • Width : 78.74 inch
  • Working width:62,99 inch / 70,87 inch)


  • Ø MM 1500
Cylinders width (mm) 2000
Maximum width of work(mm) 1800
Mechanical speed(m/min) 1-20
printing cylinder diameter(mm) 1500
Total power installed(Kw) 92.5
Medium consumption(Kw) 45
Power supply 400 Volt 3Ph 50/60 Hz
230 Volt 3Ph 50/60 Hz
Maximum electrical input(Ampere) In 400 Volt = 133,6 A’
In 230 Volt = 232,4 A’
Electric power motor printing cylinder(Kw) 3
Electric power motor winding used printing fabric(Kw) 0.75
Electric power motor winding used printing paper(Kw) 0.75
Electric power motor winding used paper support(Kw) 0.75
Resistances power for heating printing cylinder resistances(Kw) (3x28.2)84.6
Electric motor power worm screw(Kw) 0.37
Electric motor power blower(Kw) 0.25
Power transformer(Kw) 2
Pneumatic pressure supply(Bar) Min.5 Max.8
Medium air consumption(20°) 1 lt/min
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