Jetcol Sublimation Paper

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Coldenhove Papier presents Digital Transfer Papers, a revolutionary range of papers developed for digital transfer printing - the adaptation of the dye sublimation transfer process to advanced digital printing. Jetcol, the only paper that assures, 97% ink release – that means huge saving to achieve lowest running cost and best quality by transferring maximum ink to get brightest colors on Fabric. Because Jetcol papers increase your performance and offer more quality for lower total costs of use by the unique composition of our patented Jetcol papers differs from regular inkjet paper.

  • High speed Drying time
  • Excellent detail printing
  • Consitent coating and quality control to avoid variation in production.
  • Available in sheets and roll width from 17” to 101”

Jetcol HTR

Jetcol HTR offers a range of unique unsurpassed properties such as a unique colour gamut, top quality contour, fine detail printing and most importantly consistency in quality. Jetcol HTR is available in four grammages and a large number of roll widths.

  • Jetcol HTR 1000: Digital sublimation transfer paper with an ultra light weight and allows 240% ink coverage.Download Brochure
  • Jetcol HTR 2000: standard 70gsm base paper offers unsurpassed transfer yield and enables fine detailed printingDownload Brochure
  • Jetcol HTR 3000: all-round 95 gsm sublimation transfer paper are easy to handly and excellent performance.Download Brochure
  • Jetcol HTR 4000: For high coverage application to print and transfer very deep colors with a maximum transfer yield.Download Brochure

Jetcol HS

95 g/m2 sublimation paper is for high speed printing and designed to combine an exceptional high transfer yield with high speed absorption & high speed drying. It allows for high speed printing while offering high quality contour, excellent detail printing, superb uniformity and available in wide variety of standard roll widths.

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Jetcol TA

Jetcol TA, an anti-ghosting sublimation transfer paper with a unique thermal adhesive coating. Jetcol TA will adhere to the fabric during transfer, eliminating ghosting and loss of detail; it will increase the quality of end products and reduce waste to an absolute minimum! It will increase the quality of end products and reduce waste to an absolute minimum

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